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Naan- 1.99

Fresh tandoor cooked naan bread

Roti- 1.99

Traditional flat bread

Butter Naan- 2.99

Naan bread topped with butter

Garlic Naan- 2.49

Naan bread topped with garlic butter


Laccha Paratha- 2.99

Multi-layered whole wheat flat bread


Aloo Paratha- 5.99

Potato stuffed whole wheat bread


Chicken Naan- 7.99

Chicken stuffed naan served with yogurt and chutney


Bhatura- 2.49

Deep-fried leavened bread


Paneer Naan- 5.99

Naan stuffed with cottage cheese


Pudina Paratha- 2.99

Flatbread infused with chopped mint leaves


Coconut Naan- 4.99

Naan bread stuffed with coconut


Ajwan Paratha- 2.49

Flatbread stuffed with ajwain & cooked in clay oven

Kalonji Naan- 2.99

Naan bread with fennel seeds

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