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Butter Chicken- $18.99

Aromatic golden chicken pieces in an incredible creamy curry sauce

Chicken Curry- $18.99

Chicken pieces slowly cooked into a flavored curry

Chicken Tikka Masala- $18.99

Dish consisted of roasted marinated chicken chunks [chicken tikka] in a special sauce

Chicken Achari- $18.99

Cooking chicken with pickling spices

Chicken Vindaloo- $18.99

A delicious spicy & flavored dish made by cooking chicken in vindaloo spice paste with same vegetables and potato

Kadai Chicken- $18.99

A delicious chicken curry, cooked in a tomato-based curry

Garam Masala Special- $18.99

Daily-style Butter Chicken with bone

Chicken Murgh Lababdar- $18.99

Chicken Jalfrezi- $18.99

Chicken Jalfrezi is a delightfully flavored curry with tender, juicy chunks of chicken in a spicy tomato sauce studded with stir-fried pieces

Chicken Korma- $18.99

Chicken is cooked with spices, onion paste, yogurt and nuts

Mughalai Chicken- $18.99

A delicious and creamy chicken curry cooked in a traditional Mughalai-styled gravy

Chicken Rara- $18.99

A flavored dry (rare) chicken recipe. The rich aromatic gravy is to die for

Mango Chicken- $18.99

A delicious cooked chicken made with sweet and spicy chunky mango sauce

Tawa Chicken- $18.99

Small pieces of chicken with bones cooked on tawa create a perfect flavor when blended with a combination of certain spices and aromatic

Egg Chicken- $18.99

2 boiled eggs with Indian-style gravy

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