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Lamb Curry- 16.99

Lamb cooked in traditional curry

Lamb Vindaloo- 16.99

Lamb and potatoes in curry

Lamb Roganjosh- 16.99

Cubed lamb cooked in whole spices

Saag lamb- 16.99

Thick spinach gravy with lamb meat

Rara lamb- 16.99

Lamb meat cooked in a thick curry with whole spices

Kashmiri lamb- 16.99

Lamb cooked in Kashmiri style gravy and masala

Lamb Mughlai- 16.99

Lamb slow cooked in Mughlai style gravy

Lamb Korma- 16.99

Braised lamb in a creamy gravy

Lamb Jalfrezi- 16.99

Lamb infused in vegetables in a curry

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